Maintaining Minimalism: Tips and Tricks

“Aren’t you a minimalist…why are you shopping?” 

The aforementioned question is one that at typically gives me a good chuckle, but mostly it reminds me that many are truly unaware of what minimalism actually is. And hey, that’s okay – before December 2016 I didn’t know what it was either! *shrugs*


Minimalism looks different for everyone. For most, it is not a pledge to poverty or a life without. You are still able to shop, treat yourself here and there, and splurge on something that adds joy or value to your life. While there are some minimalists who live entirely out of a backpack or in a home with very little furniture or decor, there are others who still buy luxury goods and enjoy the “finer things in life”. Both mentioned and anyone that falls in between still can identify as a minimalist and are valid in how they practice minimalism.

There is no wrong or right way.

I’ve shared in previous blog posts why I chose to adapt of life of minimal living, then how it added value to my life when considering finances, mental space, and relationships, and now I am at the hard part: maintaining it. 

My wardrobe is capsuled, I have far less material possessions then I have had in years, my credit score is up (56 points since Jan. 1), my savings account has grown, and most importantly I have a greater sense of peace then I did months ago. Now that the big lifestyle changes have been made, how do I continue a daily walk as a minimalist?

Can I add things to my wardrobe? Should I get a new furniture set when I move? Should I keep my credit cards open? Would I be a hypocrite if I invested in fast fashion? How does minimalism and environmentalism go together? How should I manage social media?

All these questions and more go back in forth in my mind as I try to maintain this minimalist lifestyle and moreover continue to define it for myself, often drawing from others in the minimalist community for guidance.

Overall, I’ve found that you have to define it for yourself. Minimalism, that is. 

For me, Devin Owens, minimalism is about financial freedom, mental and physical health, self confidence, and peace. I’ve removed the value from material possessions in my life and am now focusing on relationships and enjoying each moment.

So, for those still navigating what being a minimalist means to them, or are determining if this is a lifestyle that they want to transition to, here are some helpful resources to guide you in your journey:

  1. The Minimalists Podcast
  2. VIDEO: The Art of Letting Go 
  3. 8 Countercultural Decisions to Find Financial Freedom 

Embrace YOUR journey.


As always,

Devin J.



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