Minimalism + Self Love

I can recall a not-so-distant time ago, when I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup. I remember that sense of panic that would overcome me when someone would surprise me with plans and I knew that it would take me at least an hour to get ready. I remember not feeling pretty or put together if I wasn’t wearing makeup.

Minimalism, has changed that for me.

As I’ve began to strip away the excess things in my life, I’ve come to learn how often we use things as a way to mask insecurities or make up for something that we think we are lacking. The less and less I own, the more and more I feel in touch with myself, naturally.I don’t feel obligated to look or be a certain way for others; what I do now is for myself and myself only. Additionally, the more I begin to focus on myself and the things that I value, the less I feel bombarded by societal pressure to be a certain way.

This post wasn’t meant to be long, but just a subtle reminder that in ourselves alone we are enough. We don’t need to add or buy or have things to make us better, that’s just extra.

As always,

Devin J.


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